Fable and Bear

Our Fable & Bear founder, Nel, has over 15 years design experience in the childrenswear and knitwear industry. She has taken her design skills and knowledge to create considered, contemporary and luxury clothing, for you to enjoy. 

We are always looking at ways to continually improve our sustainability and for our clothing to have longevity. See the ways we are being environmentally conscious at Fable & Bear below.

Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton is used on every item in the Fable & Bear collection. In comparison to regular cotton, organic cotton uses no harmful pesticide chemicals and much less water in the manufacturing process. The cotton crop itself is handpicked, ensuring no damage and maintaining the purity of the fibres. This results in a much softer and more comfortable cotton product, that is durable and long lasting.

Natural White

Our ‘natural white’ colour is undyed organic cotton. Meaning it has not been bleached, leaving a beautifully light toned neutral colour.  


All of Fable & Bear is unisex and offers a season-less style, meaning that each piece can be worn at any time of the year. Each piece can be mix-matched with other items in our collection, or with clothing you already have. In addition, once you have grown out of a size, you can pass this item onto friends or siblings who can continue to wear and appreciate it. 

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