Lagoon Potato Zapper - Spud Gun


Product information

This Red Vintage Potato Zapper Gun from Lagoon Group provides hours of fun with over 300 shots from a single potato. Utilise those spuds left over from Christmas dinner for the ultimate Christmas battle. Grab a potato and get your zap on. Insert the novelty gun barrel into the potato to begin and twist the zapper ninety degrees to separate a pellet of potato. Remove the barrel from the potato and you're ready for the family fun to start. The potato pellet can shoot out up to 15m high! No batteries required. A gift for someone who is a big kid at heart and wants to reminisce in their youth as a crime fighter. 

- Novelty red metal zapper gun
- 300 shots from a single potato
- A perfect stocking filler
- Hours of harmless family fun
- Can shoot up to 15m/50ft high
- Suitable for age 8+
- No batteries required